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Banks Board Bureau August 27, 2019

Bureau recommendation for various positions in Public Sector Insurance Companies

The Chairman and members of the Banks Board Bureau interviewed the following candidates for the respective vacancies in Public Sector Insurance companies.

1. For the position of Chairman and Managing Director in (a) Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited and (b) General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC)

Sr. Name of Candidates interviewed Designation
1 Shri Malay Kumar Poddar GM AICIL
2 Shri Dinesh Waghela GM OICL
3 Ms Rajeswari S N GM NIACL
4 Shri DTV Sastri GM UIICL
5 Shri Prasad Deepak GM GIC
6 Shri Devesh Srivastava GM GIC
7 Shri Swamy Balla GM NIACL

The Bureau recommended as follows:

  1. The first vacancy to be considered is for CMD of GIC. 
  2. Mr. DEVESH SRIVASTAVA for the first vacancy.
  3. Mr. MALAY KUMAR PODDAR for the second vacancy.
  4. Mr. D T V SASTRI and Ms. S N RAJESWARI for the Reserve List, in this order.

2. For the two positions of Managing Director (MD) in Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

Sr. Name of Candidates interviewed Designation
1 Shri Mukesh Kumar Gupta ADDL ED (PERS), CO
2 Shri Raj Kumar CHIEF EXEC. AMC, CO
3 Shri Rakesh Kumar ZM (I-C), ZO, BHOPAL
4 Shri K S Nagnyal ED (CC) CO
5 Shri C Vikas Rao ZM (I-C), ZO, PATNA
6 Shri Dinesh K Pangtey ED (HAMC) CO
7 Shri H S Shashi Kumar ZM (I-C), ZO, BHOPAL

The Bureau recommended as follows:

  1. Mr. MUKESH KUMAR GUPTA for the first vacancy of MD in LIC.
  2. Mr. RAJ KUMAR for the second vacancy of MD in LIC.
  3. Mr. C VIKAS RAO and Mr. DINESH K PANGTEY would be in the Reserve List for LIC, in this order.