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Banks Board Bureau September 26, 2016

Banks Board Bureau recommends nine candidates for the post of Executive Directors in Public Sector Banks

The Chairman and members of the Banks Board Bureau has recommended to the Government of India following nine officers for being appointed as Executive Directors in Public Sector Banks (The names of the selected officers appear in alphabetical order of their surnames).

  1. Shri Fareed Ahmed
  2. Shri Mrinal Kanti Bhattacharya
  3. Shri Atanu Kumar Das
  4. Shri P.Ramana Murthy
  5. Shri Damodharan Neelam
  6. Shri Ashok Kumar Pradhan
  7. Shri A C Rout
  8. Shri S Hari Sankar
  9. Shri Swaminathan K

These recommendations are based on interactions held by the Banks Board Bureau with eligible candidates from PSBs towards appointment against existing and future vacancies of Executive Directors in PSBs for the period 2016-17.

The Government of India will subject the recommended candidates to the neccesary due diligence process before it makes the final decision on appointments.