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What's New

Banks Board Bureau May 21, 2017

Mr. Sinor to re-engage with the Bureau

Mr. H N Sinor has been an invaluable asset as a non-official member of the Banks Board Bureau. He brings with him rich experience of public and private sector banking. In the Bureau, he has been associated with some dynamic initiatives including the conceptualising of a new compensation suite involving ESOPs and other performance linked incentives for public sector banks.

In what he perceived as inadequate progress that the recommendations of the Bureau were making, and the resulting despondency, he had offered to withdraw his engagement with the Bureau. However, following a detailed discussion with Mr. Vinod Rai, the Chairman of the Banks Board Bureau, Mr. Sinor has decided to re-engage with the activities of the Bureau, with his usual fervour and vigour.

Mr. Rai has welcomed the decision of Mr. Sinor and expressed satisfaction in continuing to have his guidance and advice.